at 5:30 this morning, coleman woke up. as i was feeding him his bottle and looking at his absolutely precious face, i was remembering that exactly one year ago, at that very moment, we were walking into the hospital and checking in. spencer was sitting beside me, matt was parking the car, and i was politely tell the nurse that "no, you don't want me to sit in that chair, i promise".

i know it's cliche, but it is just so hard to believe a year has passed by. where has the time gone? how on earth could it have happened so quickly? last night, i was getting a little emotional. i sang happy birthday to him in the car on the way to daycare. bad idea, i got all choked up. not sure why this first birthday is so emotional for mommas...but it is.

i feel a little bad that i didn't so something "big" for him this morning, but what could we do that he'd actually "get"??? but i did make sure to take plenty of pictures.

look at that adorable face

my big boy! notice the queen shirt...he was born with we are the champions playing, so i thought the shirt was appropriate for today.

goofy boy.

my favorite chubby cheeks

yay coleman! (he loves to clap)

this is what he looks like when the tv grabs his attention for a minute. it was a dog food commercial, i think. weird.

uh oh, sleepy already??? being one year old is hard work!



  1. so dang cute! Happy birthday to Coleman!

  2. Hey friend....I know how quickly time passes by....we just have to remember to cherish every moment when they are still so little! I can't wait to see you Saturday!