catch up + no excuses + disclaimer

*catch up *
ok, so the whole point of this blog party was to have a post every day for a month. well, i failed you this weekend. i do plan to play catch up. i have so many post ideas, that's not the problem. the problem is finding the time to execute them! so, i will do some back posting for the weekend.

*no excuses*
though i will apologize for not posting, i will not make excuses. the weather here in the Southland was fabulous. coleman and i had lots of much needed outdoor time in the sunshine, soaking up the vitamin d. where you are... i hope your weekend was a beautiful as ours.

on occasion, i will "back-date" posts. what this means is that i may write the post on a wednesday, and then date it back to sunday, so from my blog it will look like i posted it on sunday. about the only time i do this is with my "this week" posts. i try to make sunday  my picture-editing and blog post day, but sometimes (like yesterday), it doesn't happen. for consistency, i like having all of those posts dated for the sunday that ends the week. if you view my blog through a reader, these back-dated posts should still show up at the top of the list regardless of the date (at least that's how it works with my google reader account). if you get email reminders about my postings, i'm sure you will get them even with back-dating. the only issue i see is that if you visit my blog directly - other posts that are actually older (but not back-dated) may show up higher up than the newer (back-dated) post. this might cause someone to miss that the "this week" post is actually there. in reality, i doubt any of you actually care. but i felt like i needed to provide this disclaimer anyway. i feel better now.

your loyal, but sometimes slack, blog writer....


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