photos {story of a snowy day}

the setting: saturday morning - a beautiful winter wonderland

the view from our front door....

close up of the bushes...

back patio table. final measure: 3.5"

so, i got myself and coleman all bundled up and we headed over to the monks' front yard.
i plopped him down in the snow.
and there he stood....

i had him taste the snow. he said "mommy, are you crazy??? this junk is cold!" and spit it back out :)

and there he stands. still.

and he's down!

and he wants to get up again..."uh, mommy...ya think i could get some help here. it's not easy trying to stand up with all these clothes on."

hey...maybe this isn't so bad...

just kidding. it's WORSE. "help me mommy!!!"

oh look, mccrea's here. cool.

"hey mccrea. i have my own snowball, you don't have to hug yours so close. oh yeah, mommy likes your sweater."

and here's the best dressed snow baby on the block...

apparently colton likes eating snow much more than coleman!

is it just me or does he look older in this photo??? i'm not sure i'm ok with that.

how funny is this???

still hanging in there...

overall, coleman was a good sport. he was pretty wish-washy in how he felt about being in the snow, but he handled it pretty well (and amazingly enough, kept his gloves on the whole time).

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  1. What a cutie pie... :) I didn't put Giada down in it. I don't think she would have liked it too much!