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ten things you may want to check out

as i browse through blogs that i frequent, i will "star" them in google reader if i want to refer back to them. i do this particularly if i'm on my phone so i can't really do much with it at that moment. later, when i have time and i'm on a real computer, i will go back through them. if they are still of interest to me and i want to save them in a more permanent manner, i will add them to my tumblr page.

dessert tower tutorial
used this as a guide for the one i'm making for coleman's party

the joyful life library
sounds like a good cause. i plan on donating.

how to blog
some nifty tips for blogging

mini-book DIY tutorial
super cute and it looks very easy to make

successful blog
haven't really looked around on this one yet, but if you are trying to "grow your blog", i think it would maybe be a good resource???

free valentine's day goodies for digital scrapbooking
have heart day photos? want to digi scrap? go here for freebies.

craft room roundup
nifty ideas for snazzy craft studios...love looking at this sort of stuff

couch to 5K program
i'm not a runner. not sure i ever could be. but if i was ever crazy enough to try it, this post mentions a "couch to 5k program" that sounds cool.

five things to read this weekend
haven't read them yet, but plan on doing so.

what is your blog wearing?
some suggestions of place to get "blog wear"


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