this week {2.1 to 2.7}

~ i changed the wallpaper on my computer since it's now february ~

~ i worked at home monday and friday ~

~ matt was still quite sick for the first half of the week ~

~ aj and the local schools were closed on monday because of the snow/ice ~

~ i put together contact information and notes for the BTMS events committee ~

~ i paid bills ~

~ coleman brought home a craft from daycare ~

~ i wasn't able to attend the hoa board meeting where we met with a management company potential ~

~ i worked on uploading some photos and scrapbook pages for printing ~

~ i shopped at michael's, party city, cvs, target, bi-lo, books-a-million and hobby lobby ~

~ i got breakfast at mcdonald's one day and dunkin donuts the next. then i felt guilty. ~

~ i bought a cupcake/cake caddy ~

~ i cvs'd for the first time in a long time ~

~ we had our taxes done ~

~ brigitte and sydney came over for a visit ~

here is sydney playing with rio and coleman

~ coleman actually slept well for two nights in a row ~

~ i made a flyer for the dhf golf tournament ~

~ i emailed instructions to my family on how to save high resolutions photos from my flickr account ~

~ i emailed instructions to my mom on how to set up a free online email account ~

~ i bought birthday gifts for coleman, colton and john michael ~

~ coleman threw up at daycare. scared matt and i to death. (he was fine) ~

~ i missed the BTMS committee meeting because coleman was sick ~

~ coleman finally started feeding himself finger foods!! ~

~ spencer started archery practice (as a team) and brought home information on their first tournament ~

~ i found the most adorable red canister set (something i've been wanting) ~

~ matt turned coleman's car seat to face forward (in his truck) ~
~ we took matt's mom out for her birthday (to longhorn steakhosue) ~
matt's mom eating her birthday ice cream
just in case wonders why monkeys are an appropriate theme for his party..

~ coleman and i went to tara's house for a visit on satruday ~
our walkin' boys

~ scott came over saturday night ~

~ i bought toddler 411 for tara ~

~ i ran into deneane at books a million. she is a for real author :) ~

~ i ran into some old neighbors at the grocery store ~

~ in the parking lot of hobby lobby, some (very young) kids told me i look like taylor swift ~

~ i slept in until 9:00 on sunday (thanks matt!) ~

~ spencer went snow tubing for a friend's birthday ~

~ matt, coleman and i went to colton's birthday party ~
this is just a tee-tiny sneak peek. i took over 130 photos at the party :)

~ we watched the super bowl ~

~ i procrastinated packing for my trip to ohio ~

{coleman's birthday party}

~ at michael's, i purchased some basics like icing color, sprinkles, clear treat bags, favor bags, etc ~

~ at hobby lobby, i purchased lots of cardstock and patterned paper ~

~ at party city, i purchased a lot of solid colored tableware and a few other odds and ends ~

~ online, i ordered the brown items that party city doesn't carry ~

~ from an etsy store, i ordered the baby party favors ~

~ i got the invitations printed, matted, and ready to mail ~

~ i started printing and assembling some other party items ~

 {pedometer challenge}
total steps = 31,640; average 6,328
high = 8,264
there were three days that i'm pretty sure the pedometer malfunctioned.

{savings tracker}
spent = $169; saved = $137 (45%)
annual savings = $481 (40%)


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