**heart day ideas**

with valentine's day right around the corner, i thought i'd share some things related to that special day of love.

super adorable (and very personalized) valentines
if you are interested in doing some homemade valentine's from your kids (to their friends) becky higgins has shared cute, but easy, ideas for the last few years. check them out. click on the link above each photo to hop over to the related post and see the details on creating each one.

thoughts on love
becky higgins also had a good post with some thoughts on love. i enjoyed reading it and you might as well.

gift idea

lisa leonard designs has some adorable jewelry that would make a great valentine's gift. some of it is customized, such as the necklace below, which is my personal favorite. i'd love to have one of these.

party ideas

if you're thinking about having a special *heart day* party, here is some fabulous inspiration.

look at those drinks - how fun!


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