this week {2.15 to 2.21}

~ i forgot to wear my pedometer for a few days and eventually just gave up on the challenge. (more on that later) ~

~ i had a heart-to-heart chat with my boss ~

~ i watched the westminster dog show ~

~ i worked on the "lists" album for my family ~

~ i took a half vacation day just to get my hair done and grocery shop. then never made it grocery shopping. ~

~ spencer had his first archery tournament. his team lost, but could still be eligible for state. he scored a 167 of 300. i honestly don't know if that is considered good or not. ~

~ i shopped super double coupons at harris teeter twice ~

~ coleman got his first hair cut ~

~ i wore a scarf in my hair (something i haven't done much sense i cut my hair shorter) ~

~ i picked up spencer from school and was entertained by a bunch of students doing the cupid shuffle ~

~ i got a skinny vanilla latte from starbucks ~

~ i filled out a "parent survey" for spencer's school ~

~ spencer got his progress report. all A's!! this was the first time this year. he finally brought up his language arts grade ~

~ we ordered pizza ~

~ i attended the last btms pep rally meeting ~

~ scott came over to hang out ~

~ i grocery shopped with coleman for the first time ~

~ coleman had PJ day at daycare ~

~ i added a Bible app to my iphone ~

~ brigitte and sydney babysat coleman for me ~

~ we finally had the big btms pep rally event ~

~ coleman and i went for a walk with tara and colton on saturday ~

~ coleman and i took a wagon ride to the playground on sunday. then he played with mccrea in the yard ~

~ later on sunday, we hung out in the yard with all of the neighbor babies ~

~ i went to bed at 8:30! ~

{pedometer challenge}
so, as i mentioned above, after a few days of forgetting to wear it, i just let it go. and i'm ok with that. i had always wanted to wear a pedometer for a bit and i did that for several weeks. it was cool. i have a better understanding of how active and inactive my days are. i learned what i need to do to keep my step count up, etc. it was a great experience and worth every penny of that $5.00 :)

{coleman's birthday party}

~ bought stamps and mailed the invitations~
~ i wrapped the plastic ware in napkins and tied with ribbon ~
~ finalized all of our outfits for the party ~
~ covered water bottle labels ~
~ spray painted cake boards ~


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