*too good to be true? maybe not*

so, about a year ago (while i was on maternity leave), i began coveting this fancy, smancy hair machine....

during that time at home, i watched way too many infomercials. i guess that's what happens when you aren't a soap opera fan and ncis reruns don't start until the afternoon. it's a miracle i didn't end up with a garage full of billy mays' favorite products. somehow i managed to pass up the shamwow, magic jack, and slam chop... but this gadget had a place in my heart. maybe it was the american idol stylist doing kimberly locke's hair that really put the clincher on me. i researched it and considered it, but ultimately didn't spend the money on this pricey thing. after going back to work i didn't see the informercial nearly as often, but i had not forgotten about it.

fast forward to yesterday...i am browsing the aisles of target and have decided to replace my flat iron..maybe even invest in a nicer one. i find the appropriate area in the store...and do my eyes deceive me???? there it was....AS SEEN ON TV....the instyler! there was no price. i grab it and trot to the near price check scanner machine thingy. $99.99. in the buggy it goes. what? am i crazy? i feel no guilt. i deserve this.

then i get in the check out line, and already the buyer's remorse sets in... uh oh. so i call matt for that 'seal of approval'. he thinks i'm insane, but as always, says "just get it" (followed by "but i'm getting my fill in the blank" ... this time it was a clock of the same price). so, i buy it. (and matt goes to the nearest target minutes later to get his clock).
last night, i gently open the packaging. i want it to be fully returnable when it turns out to be a piece of crap. i mean, if it takes a full hour to convince me that i need one, it can't be that good, right??? this morning i actually look forward to doing my hair. i'm so pumped about using my snazzy new beauty-making machine!
i was a little nervous, but i read the instructions and took my time. it was easy. and it worked. it actually worked. nothing difficult. nothing confusing.  nothing sneaky.
was it worth $100? only time will tell.
will i be returning it? not based on this morning's performance.
do i look like a supermodel? let's not get carried away.
overall...pleasantly surprised on the first day of use.
but i'll probably give it a few weeks before i throw the box away :)


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  1. I too have coveted this piece of heaven right on earth....otherwise known as the instyler! They sure do make that girls hair look good on tv..So really, you like it that much? I may just have to go to target tomorrow when I leave school. :)