**challenge to you**

as a part of my blog party, i'd LOVE to learn more about anyone that reads my blog. on another blog i read, the lady calls the people who keep up with her blog "faithfuls". i would like to come up with something to call you as well and i decided on subscribers. this can be taken literally since you can actually "subscribe" to a blog. but since this place is known as the chronicles, i thought it was fitting! 

NOW...i have a few challenges - and some motivation to help you WANT to participate!!!

i will randomly select winner(s) for a prize or two or three. i am not *telling* what the prize is because it might vary slightly depending on who wins. to be entered, do any of these things. if you do more, you'll be entered more.

ways to enter:
~ respond to this post with answers to the questions i've listed below (choose the set that is relevant to you).
~ recruit one person to come check out my blog (have them leave a post, stating by whom they were referred) -- if you recruit multiple people, you will get one prize entry per person that comments!
~ add a post to YOUR blog about my blog party (with a link) and then leave me a comment letting me know you've done so. don't forget to give me a link to your blog so i can check it out too!!
~ subscribe to my blog through blogger or using a reader (if you've already done this, just let me know that too!). there is a "follow me" button in the sidebar that you can use.

if you are already a "subscriber"...
1) about how often do you check in (daily, weekly, monthly)? how do you do so? (you just stop by when you think about it, you are reminded by the link in my email signature, you "follow" me through blogger, you have added the blog to a reader, etc).

2) what first brought you to my blog and/or how did you find it? (you are a friend? you are a scrapbooker? etc.)

3) what types of things do you like to see here at the chronicles?

4) do you have a blog you'd like to share? if so, include the link.

if you are new to the chronicles...
1) how did you end up here? (referred by someone? linked from another blog post? etc)

2) what types of posts would have you coming back to visit frequently?

3) do you have a blog you'd like to share? if so, include the link.

SUBMISSIONS MUST BE IN BY FEBRUARY 24th (Coleman's Birthday!!!) and I will announce prizes and winners by the end of the month. Yes, I know this is a long time to wait, but I want to give plenty of time for people to get involved!



  1. 1) I usually read your blog everyday. I have made it a favorite on my tool bar across the top so I can get there in a jiffy! :)

    2) I originally came to your blog through a signature on an email you sent me---probably about the ladies gamecock football clinic. :) I have been coming ever since.

    3) Oddly enough- I love hearing your "week in review." I get a lot of info from other suggestied sites you recommend. Ultimately, I enjoy reading about the life of a friend who is on the same jorney I am on in life (wife, mommy to a soon to be one year old, career lady, type 'A' personality......and all the other similarities we have in common)

    4) I have grown to love this blog of The Smith family. The blog is entitled "Bring the Rain"

    PS- I think I get an extra entry for being the first to respond! :)

  2. 1) You are on my Google Reader so I read each time you post.

    2) I believe I found your blog from your signature at 2Peas.

    3) Like the lady that commented I love to read you week in review. Although it makes me feel like I should get more done. LOL! ;) I also like when you pst your grocery shopping totals and all. I don't have the same stores you do but I like to hear about bargains that are out there.

    4) I don't have a blog.

  3. Hi Holly!

    1. I usually check in Daily to see what's new if anything. Usually it's yesterday's news since I check in after dropping my kiddo's off at School in the morning.

    2.I think you may have posted a link in the Library of Memories forum.

    3. I love your ideas, crafts and run downs on saving money. You always have something creative that inspires me...Almost like Martha Stewart but only I don't follow her. =0)

    4. You probably already follow Becky Higgins and Stacy Julian so I won't include those links.