idol {top 24 - boys}

i didn't even try to fight it tonight. i opened up the laptop as i started to watch idol. a couple of things...

- ryan screwed up my favorite part at the beginning of the show.
- i'm really glad that ellen pointed out how differently the show sounded on tv (more specifically, how the contestants sounded WORSE).
- one thing i forgot to mention yesterday was that i don't typically vote this early in the competition. actually, i went many years obsessing over the show and never voting. the last few years, i've started voting more. it helped when we switched from verizon to at&t and now i can text my votes too.

todrick hall - now that's what i'm talking about. he did exactly what i was talking about in yesterday's post. and the judges don't know what they are talking about. i thought he did a good job with the arrangement (and i like the original song a lot also). though i do agree that he didn't sound that good.

aaron kelly - hmmm. i think he did ok, but definitely not wonderful.

jermaine sellars - i'm no expert, but i think he was pitchy, or something like that.

tim urban - i wish i knew more of the back story as to why he was called back. i didn't think he sounded very good :( i really like that song.

joe munoz - i didn't really like him either. this isn't going well. this guy kind of reminds me of david archuleta and i'm kind of over him. :)

tyler grady - this guy has kind of gotten on my nerves so far. he wasn't horrible and i kind of feel like the judges were too tough on him. it's one thing to say he needs to branch out vocally...but a trip to the mall? he shouldn't have to change who he is.

lee dewyze - i didn't think he deserved to get through to the top 24. i enjoyed the performance more than i thought i would. but i'm surprised by how much simon loved it. see how he brought up david cook's hello? that will go down in idol history :)

john park - i like this song, but i only liked parts of the performance. some good, some bad. i think i don't like it when he sings deep (or is in "his lower register" as kara would say).

michael lynche - guy has a great story and i've been a fan. i love maroon 5. he cracks me up...he's so huge that he makes a guiter look like a ukelele. ok, i actually enjoyed that. probably my favorite so far. HEY - I said the ukelele comment WAY before ryan...just wanted you to know that i didn't steal that comment :)

alex lambert - he looks scared to death. ugh horrible. nuff said.  i guess i just couldn't get past his nerves.

casey james - that quiver in his voice is annoying me. i also don't get the appeal of this guy. i think the judges liked him way more than me. actually...i think if it wasn't for that quiver, i probably would've liked it.

andrew garcia - i've been waiting all night for this. i hope he doesn't let me down. OH - love fall out boy... ok...this is different. i'm not sure i love the arrangement, but i still admire his willingness to mess with it. i just love the original so much. i liked the second half better than the first. definitely the best of the night. I do not agree with simon at all. i think it was original and that it was a risk. i actually agree more with kara's comments.

overall, i felt like the night was pretty disappointing.

i'm tired. time for bed.


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