{the picture}

so, you know how sometimes you get *that picture*? the one that makes the other 200 that week totally worth it? ok, maybe you don't. i honestly have no clue whether the average person feels these things in relation to photographs (like how i cried when i saw our family portraits last year), but for the sake of this blog post, i'm just going to pretend i'm normal.

so, i take a ton of pictures - sometimes of expected events, sometimes of totally random things, sometimes of just hanging and doing what we do. this was one of those. it was after work, just hanging out in the yard. i took some pictures of coleman playing with his big orange ball, sliding on his slide, and playing with the neighbors' rocks.

i think it can *hit* you when you get one of these at different times. it's possible (though rare, i believe) that you realize it as you take it. it's quite likely that you might see it when you first load them to your computer and see them on the bigger screen. and sometimes it takes time. when i saw this photo, i liked it. a lot. but it took going through my photo process (meaning, i probably "touched" the photo several times), before the intensity of it stuck with me.

and the crazy thing about getting "the" picture is that it probably only means that much to you. maybe your family or some friends or something. but i guarantee that most of you will look at the picture below and just see a photo of the top of a kid's head that is sitting on some rocks. but when i look at it, i see everything that my 16-month-old baby toddler boy is right now.

so, this is it. the picture. i plan on printing this large (probably 8x10 or 8.5x11) and letting it serves as it's own layout. cuz it rocks (pun fully intended).



  1. THAT Holly, is the best pic ever! It does Rock! You did a wonderful job! You captured the image perfectly and the layout is on the money :)
    Nice work girlie :)
    P.s. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon. Sounds like Sullivan when he had pneumonia ... Twice! yep two hospital stays too:(

  2. Holly- I absolutely LOVE this picture. It is simply incredible! You are so great at being creative...I wish I had just one ounce of your creativity! :)

  3. I love the photo and how well it captures youth. As someone who takes tons of photos I really like how you perfectly described "the picture".

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