coleman {16 months}

today, coleman is sixteen months old! here is a little update on what he is like right now with some phone snapshots from the past month.

~ he still totally loves balls ~

~ and he still really loves rocks, mulch, dirt, etc. ~

~ he loves to play with q-tips and sunscreen bottles in our bathroom ~

~ he transitioned from crib to mat at daycare ~

~ he loves bathtime ~

~ he pitches a MEAN temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way...which is often ~
hard to believe that this precious face can pitch a tantrum, huh???

~ he's a budding artist ~
this was taken at daycare. i vow to do more art projects with him at home!

~ he loves playing with his little people school house~
thanks aunt michelle

~ he's a messy eater ~
some of his favorite foods include:
green beans, chicken (most meat, really), yogurt, cheese, and obviously...chef boyardee.

~ he still loves country music (music in general, but country is definitely his favorite) ~
he is starting to dance more, and still claps his hands excitedly when it's a particularly good song
current favorites include: lady a's "need you now" (he's not tired of it yet), martina mcbride's "wrong baby wrong" and miranda lambert's "the house that built me"

~ he still loves playing with his friends at daycare ~
and thoroughly enjoys doing "on your mark, get set, go"...which is what they are doing in this photo
he's the one in the back, by the fence...he must be giving the other kids a head start!

~ he is starting to use his sign language a little bit, particularly "more" ~

~ he loves climbing up stairs ~

~ he is showing more interest in riding ON riding toys, instead of just playing with them ~
though he may still be a bit disoriented :)

~ he is starting to talk more...especially the last week or so ~
he has many of the same words as he did for last month's update: thank you, cheese, uh-oh, mama, dada
thankfully he is not saying the sh*t word as often :)
he says something that sounds like "duh" and can mean either *dog* or *done* depending on the context.
at daycare, he just started saying AJ!
i have a feeling this month ahead of us is going to be full of new words. so exciting!!!


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