creative boot camp {day 5}

the day five prompt at creativity boot camp was grow. my brainstorming session wasn't that creative: children, flowers and plants, maturity, changing/developing. nothing earth shattering there. my first instinct was to take a photo of my growing child, but it seemed predictable (as did shooting any type of flower or plant). then, i thought of this picture (which was actually taken on day four). this statue sits on a wall in the middle of a shopping center in the town where i work. i have been in this shopping center a million times, and it wasn't until i did the "photo walk" for day four (which was actually a photo drive for me), that i actually noticed this. it is absolutely adorable. obviously children always represent growth, but i kind of like that the statue freezes time for these children - something many parents often wish they could do for a little bit - so we don't miss so much, so time doesn't fly by quite so quickly. i can't help but wonder what this artist's inspiration was.

editing notes: on the photo, i bumped up the contrast a lot. i used the smudge tool to distort some tacky signs that were in the background (at the very top of the photo). i changed the hue, choosing something with a lot of green because i tend to associate green with growth. when fiddling with the hues, i loved that the dark coloring of the statues never changed, as the colors around it varied drastically. what fun. the font used for *grow* is called "ck elsie" and the flowers are from a font called "db floragraphy".


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