this week {6.21 - 6.27}

~ spencer had baseball camp in the mornings ~

~ i finalized the powerpoint presentation for our community meeting ~

~ i voted in the republican primary runoff ~

~ i took tuesday off from work and coleman went to daycare late so we could spend some time together ~

~ i shopped at bi-lo and cvs ~

~ i ordered photos online (70 free through flickr/snapfish) ~

~ i went by the church where our community meeting was being held to drop off some stuff ~

~ matt went to support his brother, while i went to the hoa meeting ~

~ aj watched coleman for us on tuesday night ~

~ i grocery shopped at harris teeter (super double coupon week) ~

~ coleman played in mulch. surprise. ~

~ matt and i tried to watch sherlock holmes and fell asleep; we finished the next night ~
i would recommend this movie. i fell asleep because i was super tired, not because the movie was bad.

~ i finally got one of spencer's prescriptions converted to mail order ~

~ i caught up on my photo process for the past two weeks ~

~ i set up our HOA on facebook and twitter; made lots of blog updates for the HOA and summarized survey results ~

~ i linked my blog to facebook and twitter ~

~ my snapfish order arrived ~

~ we watched the gamecocks beat clemson in the college world series, twice ~

~ we watched the US lose in the World Cup ~

~ warren came over and watched part of the US World Cup game with us ~

~ i made firefly jello shots ~

~ coleman got sick. bad cough. ~

~ matt and i cleaned out the garage ~

~ matt, spencer and i watched the race to witch mountain ~

~ i took a nice long bubble bath and finished reading stuart woods' short straw ~

~ my sisters, mom and i set up a scrap weekend in july ~

~ i realized i barely took any photos. i actually got more picture message on my phone that photos that i actually took. what's up with that???? ~

{savings tracker}

spent = $134; saved = $149 (53%)
ytd savings = $2,385
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $136


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