creative boot camp {day 4}

our prompt for day four in creativity boot camp was heavy metal. interesting. my brainstorming came up with things such as those big metal tool boxes in the back of pickup trucks, 80s hair bands, construction sites, chains and big 'ole trucks. at one point during the day, i was behind this kick butt Super Duty F-250. it was awesome. it was definitely some seriously heavy metal. i even considered following it to see if it parked anywhere nearby, but then i realized i was verging on looney and i just kept driving.

so, later that night, i went to a meeting and matt & i went out to dinner. at one point, i looked down at this necklace-turned-bracelet on my wrist and thought "cool...that kind of looks heavy metal-ish". i love the *heavy* gray look of it - even though i'm honestly not even sure if it's made of metal at all. it's been one of my favorite pieces of jewelry for a while now, even though it's pretty simple.

Editing notes: I flattened this image without saving it with layers before I made notes of what I did. I am pretty sure I lowered the saturation, but I did some other things that I just honestly don't remember. It was all done with layers in PSE 7 though, I didn't add any overlays, textures, etc.

P.S. Sorry for getting behind on posting photos--had some internet connection issues at home (nothing new there!).


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