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boot camp
i just learned this morning of a two-week online (free) project called creativity boot camp. i won't go into too many details because you can click over to the link to read more, if you are interested. but in summary - this lady is doing daily posts to help you stretch your creativity. you can do this in ANY art form you choose (photography, painting, mixed media, collage, sketching, writing, anything). every day she writes a little something inspirational, provides a journaling prompt, and then a ONE WORD creativity prompt. pretty cool.

you know me...i'm a sucker for a project like this. it just started yesterday, so i'm figuring ... go for it :) i have plenty of free time, right???? my only problem...no clue on what medium i will use. photography would be the easiest. she recommended that you choose ONE and stick with it for the 2week duration, but i don't think that's going to happen! obviously, if i can actually do this...i will share my stuff here!


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