{on the floor}

i've seen it on tv. i've heard people talk about it. and last night i did it. at 4 a.m. i cuddled up with a pillow and blanket on the nursery floor just so i could hear him breathing.

backstory: yesterday, coleman came down with a bad cough. he was having a rough night after we put him to bed. even with the benadryl and humidifier, he started not breathing as easy. at one point, all three of us (me, matt and spencer) were in his nursery, lathering him with babyrub, and trying to soothe him. poor spencer. he has such a big heart and worries so. he was convinced little man was going to the hospital. after the gamecocks pulled of their win (yaaay!), we were able to get a few hours of sleep while coleman slept and sounded better. around 3 a.m. i woke to hear him struggling again. i went to his room and immediately upon picking him up knew he had a fever. his entire body was on fire (he was at 100.6). i brought him downstairs to the recliner hoping he'd sleep better being more upright. it worked for a little while, but he was just not comfortable. that's when i decided to let him get back in his crib where he could be more comfortable. and i spent the rest of the night on his floor.

update: he seems better this morning. no fever, even after the tylenol wore off. he obviously doesn't feel "normal", but he's better. right now he's reading a book in the den floor.


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