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many moons ago, i started a 5x7 album for spencer to highlight his professional portraits. it actually started as something matt would keep on his desk at work, but turned into more of a memento we keep at home. and i love that i started it. i love having these all in one place. i have all intentions of doing the same thing for coleman. i'm tempted to do a different size, but will probably go with 5x7 so that the boys' mini albums are consistent.

anyway...when we get a new professional portrait of spencer, i slip a wallet or 3x5 into the next page protector in his album. every so often, i play "catch up" with the actual scrapping portion of it. as he's gotten older, this album has really started to fill up. in a normal year he has two school portraits, two baseball (spring and fall), and one basketball...plus any we actually have done on our own (which is usually at least one). that's six per year!!

i had gotten behind so the last couple of weekends, i tackled getting caught up.

i apologize for the poor photo quality. as you can see, i keep these super simple (so they are quick to create). the key is to capture the date/age and showcase the portrait.


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