creative boot camp {day 3}

the day three assignment for creative boot camp was multi-layered. even though this was an odd one, i still had some fun brainstorming ideas throughout the day. this can apply to so many different things. i thought of personalities, layering tank tops, and sandwiches. i even took pictures of several different things, including a striped bowl in my kitchen, a stack of multi-colored plates, and the three layers of shirts i had on. but ultimately, i took a photo of my hair. not the best photography, but i couldn't resist the perfect timing. yesterday, i had a much overdue hair appointment. so after getting highlights and lowlights...i snapped a shot of my multi-layered hair.

photo editing: i reduced the color saturation (a lot). then i applied a graphic overlay, used the "hard light" application and reduced the opacity (47%). i used the eraser to remove the overlay from the main portion of my hair. then i just added the frame, and two fonts. the bolder font is "Clingy" and i reduced the opacity to 31%. the top layer font is"Edwardian Script".


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  1. I love the hair! Who did you end up going to see? Did you like your new stylist? Do you like your hair? Ok..that's lots of questions in a row!