this week {6.7 to 6.13}

~ i discovered a two-week online project called creativity boot camp and decided to play along ~

~ i finished reading the book of 2 kings ~

~ i was invited to do a guest post on simple scrapper ~

~ coleman and i had a picnic after work ~

~ i voted in the republican primary ~

~ i had a hair appointment with a new girl ~

~ britt won the vote count in the republican primary, but didn't get the majority so there will be a run-off between him and the incumbent ~

~ spencer was home with us on wednesday and thursday ~

~ coleman started taking his nap on a mat at daycare ~
~ we watched some of the cmt music awards ~

~ we hung out on the front porch with some neighbors ~

~ i attended a dalton help foundation board meeting at mchale's ~

~ sherry watched coleman so matt and i could go out to dinner (we went to thursday's) ~

~ matt and spencer got hair cuts (spencer's was pretty drastic) ~

~ at work, i glued a ton of toys to a painted YMCA board ~

~ i shopped at rite aid and bi-lo ~

~ i refilled a prescription, then did some research on trying to switch spencer's prescriptions over to mail order ~

~ coleman and i hung out with some neighbors in the yard ~

~ i made two chicken pot pies for families that recently had babies ~

~ our dishwasher is FINALLY fixed (and Matt did it with an $8 piece after having three "pros" out here) ~

~ coleman took a three hour nap!! ~

~ i got all of my weekend "chores" done on saturday so i could do whatever on sunday ~

~ i scrapped two 8"x8" layouts ~

~ i assembled a beach mini album from last year's vacation ~

~ matt and i watched the movie without a paddle ~

~ i watched more of prison break season one ~

~ coleman and i hung out with the neighbors in the 'redneck waterpark' they set up ~

~ i got sunburned ~

~ i cleaned up my blog subscriptions ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $119; saved = $132 (53%)
ytd savings = $2,215
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $140


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