creative boot camp {day 2}

yesterday's creative boot camp prompt was the word "picnic". i was totally stumped at first because I was thinking "well, there's no way i can actually have a picnic today...". but then, at some point, i said "why not???". it was just coleman and i for supper, so why not throw a blanket in the backyard and eat out there? the weather was decent (just humid). so, i decided i'd stop at mcdonald's on the way home to simplify things. then, i chastised myself and said "seriously, how hard is it really to throw some food on a plate???". so, i nixed mcdonald's.

i did a brainstorming session, just to make sure i was on track. i came up with: wine + cheese, outdoors, grass, blanket, basket, sunshine, relax, reading, barefoot. after looking over this list, i realized that i kind of have two images of picnics in my mind. i think of a more *romantic* variety which includes adults and books and a bottle of wine and a pretty dress (yeah right). then there is the *family* variety (the only kind i've actually experienced) which includes children, quick and easy food, clothes that you will sweat less in...*real*.

so...i had a *real* picnic. upon arriving home, i made coleman and i some sandwiches, pulled out some crackers, poured our drinks, laid out a blanket. we went ouside (with the camera). coleman ate some crackers and then spent most of the picnic running from the patio to the blanket and nose diving onto it. i had to feed him again later when we went inside because his sandwich ended up in pieces in the yard (the birds were happy this morning). but ya know what? it's all good. it's *real*. and it was fun, and relatively spontaneous. the awesome part is that i would've never done this picnic without this prompt! i am thankful that this creative boot camp, actually helped me do something a bit more creative with my baby boy :)


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