this week {5.31 to 6.6}

~ all of us were off monday for memorial day (no school, no work) ~

~ i made baked beans and strawberry shortcake; we bought bbq and watermelon ~

~ we went to matt's brother's house for lunch (we were supposed to swim, but the weather was horrible) ~

~ we all watched way too many episodes of the hoarders marathon ~

~ i shopped at rite aid ~

~ coleman had a bad cough, but never got any other symptoms ~

~ spencer had a "read-in" at school; he took a pillow and blanket for reading and they had a pizza party ~

~ a guy came to install our new dishwasher but couldn't get it to drain ~

~ i had a social committee meeting ~

~ scott and cameron (finally) welcomed xander christian into the world ~

~ we took coleman to aj's for an extra day so we could spend a special day with spencer ~

~ spencer graduated from the fifth grade ~

~ spencer received the PE award for his grade level ~

~ we took spencer to books a million to spend the $5 gift card that each child received ~

~ we ate lunch at o'charley's ~

~ we went to the movies to see Iron Man 2 ~

~ spencer went to a pool party at a friend's house ~

~ matt and i went to the hospital to meet baby xan ~
do you like the gamecock hat? :)

~ matt, spencer and i watched twilight: new moon (i'm on team jacob; spencer is on team edward...matt made up his own team - team bella) ~

~ i got caught up on photo editing ~

~ the three of us watched the season premiere of burn notice. spencer is hooked. ~

~ i finally spent some time working on library of memories ~

~ we had another person come and look at our dishwasher, with no success ~

~ we bought spencer a new camera (graduation gift) and set up a photo scavenger hunt as his summer assignment ~

~ matt worked nights over the weekend ~

~ i discovered the awesomeness of netflix instant streaming movies on the ps3; i watched penelope, kate & leopold, greta, and started prison break season 1. note: of the three movies, i thought kate & leopold was the best. and i'm really enjoying prison break. ~

~ i worked on and (sort of) finished my 365 album - more on this later ~

~ i scrapbooked some small layouts for spencer's 5x7 album ~

~ i wrapped a baby gift for xan ~

~ i worked on reorganizing some of my library albums ~

~ i grocery shopped at wal-mart (something i don't do very often) ~

~ i set up coleman's baby pool but he was not into it. we still hung outside with the neighbors for a while and played ~

~ a house party box arrived with three board games, 6 boxes of crackers and some chocolate. awesome ~

~ i stocked up on ribbed tanks. i live in those things during the summer ~

~ i began working on the digital aspects of library of memories, learning how to use PSE7 for organization ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $117; saved $34 (22%)
ytd savings = $2,083 (40%)
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $141
results this week were skewed by the trip to wal-mart. it's not the cheapest way to shop, but you do save money that can't be calculated.


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