this week {5.24 to 5.30}

~ i went to spencer's school for the living museum (he was ted williams) ~

~ my nephew, teddy, got braces ~

~ matt's mom had gall bladder surgery (she's doing well) ~

~ a dishwasher repairman came by and gave us the bad news that we'd have to get a new one ~

~ spencer's baseball game got cancelled ~

~ i submitted some fsa reimbursement forms ~

~ i went to the scrapbook store near my office which is closing ~

~ we joined netflix again (since fall shows are over) ~

~ coleman and i had our last two swimming lessons ~

~ i finally made a hair appointment...with a new girl. gasp! ~

~ we finally nailed down our summer schedule with spencer ~

~ coleman played in the yard after i got off work ~

~ we watched the idol finale ~

~ i worked on a lot of hoa stuff - newsletter, meeting prep, booked a meeting location, etc ~

~ i stopped at kohl's: made a return and bought some things spencer needed ~

~ i got this cute picture message from aj of coleman eating snack at daycare with his buddies ~

~ scott came over (still no baby) ~

~ coleman had his 15 month dr appointment and vaccines ~

~ our first "summer week" with spencer started on friday ~

~ i downloaded a bunch of glee songs (i'm up to 75 now) ~

~ we bought a new dishwasher ~

~ the four of us went to wal-mart ~

~ spencer had a friend, jc, spend the night ~

~ we hung out with the neighbors in the yard until it started to rain ~

~ matt, spencer and i watched the first twilight movie ~

~ the four of us visited jo & jim ~

~ scott & cameron came over (still no baby) ~

~ i grocery shopped at bi-lo and harris teeter ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $195; saved = $79 (29%)
cumulative annual savings = $2,049 (41%)
weekly average spent on family of 3.5 = $142
i've decided that my goal is to have it down to at least $125 by the end of the year.
i have absolutely no plan for doing this, but thought it'd be fun to set a goal anyway.


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