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sorry, no fancy pictures tonight or anything snazzy for that matter. i feel like rambling. i've seen on other blogs where people ramble and call it "stream of consciousness". i guess it makes them feel smarter. :-) whatever. it's rambling. confession: i had to use spell check in word to figure out how to spell "consciousness". i'm actually a very good speller but i have a few words that always get me. the family of "conscious" words always do. and i don't like the way they look. they don't look like they are spelled correctly. i don't really like saying that word either. odd.
so, this was an interesting and very cool week. spencer was with us for a full 7 days (actually more like 8). love it when he's here for so many days in a row. things feel normal. right. not so much bouncing. it was a busy week. holiday weekend. last week of school. lots of "extras". matt was off all week. i was off monday for memorial day, then took wednesday off. then tonight, matt leaves for work and thirty minutes later, spencer is gone too. i looked at coleman and was like "oh well, guess it's just us now". feels weird. at least it's summer and we have three more of these weeks to look forward to. i enjoy my nights alone sometimes, but it always take a night to get adjusted after matt's home for a week.

i did a lot of laundry today. five or six loads. i normally don't let it build up like that, but as i said...busy week.

oh...get this. we signed back up for netflix now that all the good shows have ended. tonight, i set up the "instant streaming" on our ps3. ***awesome*** lovin' it. tonight i watched "penelope" - a cheesy teen type romantic comedy. coleman actually watched some of it with me and even laughed at the funny stuff. how cool is that? matt and i were just chatting on the phone about super smart he is :)

i'm watching the mentalist. it's an old episode that my rude husband watched without me, so now i'm watching it. it has clowns in it. odd.

i'm also looking for a june wallpaper for my computer. i used to try and download a digital template each month and drop in some photos. but i'm slack. i need something easier. even with "easy" i somehow managed to totally skip may. april's is still up. my *go to* source now is smashing magazine.com -- i honestly have no idea what this website/blog is about or for. but at the beginning of every month they have a blog post with tons and tons of free wallpapers. the styles vary immensely so there truly is something for everyone. you can download them with or without a calendar. i usually have a hard time choosing.  here's what i finally settled on tonight...fun, huh?

earlier i actually spent some time in my scrapbooking room. i didn't scrapbook, but the good thing is that i wasn't scared to walk into the room. since i cleaned it up, i've done a better job of not letting junk collect. i wrapped a gift (super cute baby stuff for xan). then i spent some time going through old layouts and resorting them in my library albums. a neat little trip down memory lane. as a result, i decided to pull out all of the layouts that are from spencer's birthday parties and put them in a separate album. it'll be cool to look at every year on his birthday and maybe display at future parties. i was adding a few layouts to my gamecock album and i was thinking that i need to put it on display when we have folks over to watch the games. i love displaying *relevant* scrapbooks when folks are over. some of my library albums are getting really full so i'm going to have to invest in some more soon.

i didn't eat much for supper tonight at all. now it's 10 pm and i'm kind of hungry but know i shouldn't eat this late. but don't want to be lying in bed hungry. hmmm. maybe i'll see if i can find a little snack that is not too terribly bad for me. wish me luck.

good night.


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