creative boot camp {day 1}

yesterday, i got caught up on the creative boot camp, since i started a day late. the first day's prompt was the word ivory. when i first heard this, i immediately thought of the song "ebony & ivory". i pondered the word throughout the day, without much inspiration. i sort of cheated and looked at other submissions in the flickr group. a couple of folks took pictures of their baby's white skin...i definitely have one of those so i thought of stealing that idea. but, i really wanted to come up with something on my own.

i brainstormed some things that came to my mind when i thought of *ivory* and came up with: ebony & ivory, elephants, soap, pale skin, clean/pure. ultimately, most of these came to mind because of photos i'd seen in the flickr group...all of them except ebony & ivory. so i went with that (the first thing i'd thought of, anyway).

so, thinking of black and white, the very first thing that popped into my brain was a pretty cool coat that i had recently purchased. i have a coat fetish, but most of my collection is solid-colored, so i really like that this one is a fun pattern.

in regards to my "medium" for the two-week project...
i decided that i would use photography, since it would be more feasible that i may actually do it daily. but, i want to use the prompts/challenges to work on my photo editing skills. so the actual photo is the first step, then the processing of it is the second. this would be a cool time to learn how to use actions, but i'm not sure if i'm *there* yet.

here is the result of day 1 - ivory

a few comments in regards to the boot camp, in general:
-- i am doing the daily journal prompts, but didn't feel they were exciting enough to share here
-- after "cheating" yesterday by looking at the flickr group, from now on, i will NOT look at the flickr group until i have either taken my photo for the day or have a very good idea of what i plan to do.
-- i don't do a very good job of keeping track of designers of digital supplies. EVERYTHING i use digitally (frames, textures, overlays, masks, etc) were designed by someone else. i take no credit for any of it. my only creative endeavor is to apply it to my photo to make it look cool.
-- i plan to use this black "film" style frame each day, with the day's word in a different font
-- i'm also not very good at keeping track of what i actually do to a photo when i edit it. i apologize for that, but it's basically a series of me fiddling until i like what i have. it's much more of an "artistic" approach for me, rather than a "technical" approach (as i'd imagine it is for people that actually understand this stuff).


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