accessory obsession {shoes}

as promised in this post about scarves, here is more about my accessory obsession. this time, we are looking at my shoe collections.

i have to start by saying that i'm VERY proud of myself because i've done quite a good job of purging shoes that i no longer wear. i truly only have shoes that i wear on a regular basis (depending on the season, of course). the one exception is that i can't part with my wedding shoes.

this first photo shows part of my shoe collection...probably half of it? maybe a little less. our closet floor is lined with 5 of these shoe shelves (available at most home improvement stores). three are mine, two are matt's. the solution has worked well for us. they are right under where our clothes hang so they don't actually take up usable floor space.

i currently have 33 pairs of shoes (matt has 17).

here's a close-up of a few colorful selections.

and here are my flip-flops. i keep these in a basket which is in a bench type thing at the foot of our bed. it's a very tight squeeze. i might be taking over the second basket soon!
i have 12 pairs of flip-flops.


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