just wanted to post a quick *project update*. believe it or not, i have not abandoned creativity boot camp. i've been doing a pretty decent job of keeping up with the journaling prompts. the photo prompts are a bit tougher (just finding time to scope out cool things). i have been doing some, but i want to post them in order, so that's why you haven't seen an post lately.

i've also been working on my guest post article for simple scrapper so that's taking some of my free time right now :)

i wanted to share two upcoming projects with you. i plan on participating in both -- are you surprised???

the first is another free class offered by jessica sprague. it's called computer tricks for cards. it's a week-long class including lots of printables. registration is currently open and the class begins on monday, june 28th. i have taken several of jessica's free classes and though they have each varied greatly in material, they were all fabulous. i actually owe her for finally helping me take the leap into digital scrapbooking.

and lastly, in this post, ali edwards mentions that she is putting together Stories of Summer posts which will begin monday and run through early july. she doesn't share much detail so i'm not really sure if it's a "class" type thing, but instead maybe just an assortment of useful guest posts that provide ideas for telling your summer stories. regardless, i love ali and read her blog regularly so i'll be keeping tabs on this!


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