app {ps mobile}

i thought i'd share my favorite new app... it's photoshop mobile!! it lets you do all sorts of cool stuff to photos on your phone. i haven't had it long, but here are a few recent shots that i've edited using this totally free app!! i know there are other options available for photo editing on your phone, but this one is very easy to use (and did i mention it's free???).

you can crop, change exposure, saturation, tint, and contrast.
100807 Coleman in yard 02 - edit
you can convert to black and white with one touch.
100808 Picnic at Fewell Park 40 - edit

there is a cool sketch feature, and soft focus, and sharpen. plus lots of very nifty effects.
100619 Bowater Park 29 - Coleman EDIT

and then you can finish it off with border options.
finally, you can save it, and even post it to twitter or facebook.


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