tiny tip tuesday {buy in bulk}

Light, Fluffy Ground Round

i have a relatively small family of 3.5 - for those that are curious...the ".5" is my stepson who is not with us everyday. he's 100% part of the family, but only 50% part of the grocery bill :)

so, anyway...
i do not buy much of anything "in bulk" as in -- go to Costco, buy a ton, and then figure out where you're going to store it. as part of my couponing efforts, i buy on sale, as much as i can with the deal limits and coupons i have, then figure out where i'm going to store it. ok, ok...i get that it's really not that different!

i will get to my point...
my husband doesn't eat chicken. i don't eat seafood. do the math...there are only so many edible animals left. so, we eat a ton of pig and cow in our house. a ton. and much of that is ground beef. i could probably list 15 different ways we use it (but i will save that for another post).

so, this is how i buy ground beef:
i wait until it goes on sale for $1.99 per pound. in our area, it rarely goes lower than that, but it's also not uncommon for it to hit this mark. typically when stores drop it this low, they offer it in large packages that are around 4-5 pounds each. i usually buy 2 of these, and choose packages that are as close to 5 pounds as possible. when i get home, i open them and divide them into 5 relatively equal portions (for a total of 10). then i package them separately (freezer ziploc bags, foil, saran wrap...whatever floats your boat). since most of our meals are for 3-4 people, one pound is usually enough. having them frozen this way is perfect AND the smaller packages are much easier to store in the freezer. if it takes you a while to go through meat, i'd recommend dating your packages. we eat ours so quickly, this isn't necessary for us.

do you buy meat in bulk? what's your "great price"?
do you have any good ground-beef-based recipes to share?

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  1. Wow, that is so funny that you do that because my husband and I have done that since we got married. I am just not one of those people who likes going to the grocery store every other day so we like to do one big trip every couple of weeks. I usually buy about 5 lbs. of ground beef and split it up. I love when it is on sale. We usually make things like tacos, hamburgers on the grill, etc. We used to eat a lot of pasta, but we got tired of that. We do occasionally make a pasta bake with sausage meat though. My husband does most of the cooking now so he makes easy to prepare meals.