this week {8.16 to 8.22}

~ coleman's fever finally broke ~

~ i stayed home from work to be with him monday (he went back to daycare on tuesday) ~

~ matt and i went to spencer's open house at middle school ~

~ i baked cookies and put together a welcome goodie for our new next door neighbors ~

~ i shopped at rite aid and cvs ~

~ my social committee meeting was cancelled ~

~ i did lots of last minute planning for the neighborhood *back to school bash* ~

~ i took a special photo of coleman to send to spencer ~
100818 Proud of You 04

~ i emailed family photos to spencer for a school project ~

~ matt found out about the changes coming up at work ~

~ i made some behind the scenes changes here on the blog ~

~ i shopped at the dollar tree for hoa stuff ~

~ scott, cameron, and xander came over to visit ~

~ i finished watching season three of prison break ~

~ coleman and i went to chuck e cheese with aj and the daycare kids ~
all photos can be seen here and two videos can be viewed here and here

100820 Chuck E Cheese 59

~ we successfully pulled off the neighborhood *back to school bash* ~

100821 CE Back to School Bash 22

~ scott, cameron & xander came over (again) ~

~ spencer and i thoroughly cleaned his room ~

~ i put together a bag of stuff to go to the consignment store ~

~ i sent introduction emails to spencer's teachers ~

{savings tracker}

spent = $34; saved = $51 (60%)
ytd savings = $3,063 (41%)
4wk average spent = $102


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