tiny tip tuesday {consignment}

it's the time of year for consignment sales. i decided last year, that i wasn't going to bother putting coleman and spencer's clothes in one of these sales (though i do enjoy shopping them). however, i did find a consignment store that i use to unload their outgrown stuff.

why did a chose a store over a sale? for me, it's just easier. i can bring things in gradually, if necessary (assuming it's the correct season). the store i use doesn't have a lot of crazy requirements. there are certain brands they will or will not accept, and you have to have everything on a plastic hanger. that's it. no special tagging or logging things into a computer. too much hassle for an extra 10%. the store i use gives me the option of spending my earned money in their store or getting a check.

so what's the tip???
regardless of how you consign, keep a large rubbermaid type container somewhere easily accessible for clothing collecting. i keep mine in our bedroom, tucked out of sight, but easy to get to. when i realize that something no longer fits one of the boys, i immediately put it in the box. and when i obtain a plastic hanger from a store, those also go in the box. then, when it's time to take clothes in, it takes me about 10 minutes to go through the box, put everything on a hanger and in a bag. voila!

optional idea: if you have a closet with some extra hanging space that you aren't using, the best option would be to go ahead and hang clothes there. then you are even one step ahead when it's time for consignment. unfortunately, we don't have the extra closet space!


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  1. GREAT tip! I am getting ready to consign some of G's things. I was trying to decide if I should do the wee sale or do a store....I may do a bit of both at first.