web wednesday {8.25}

it feels like it's been a while since i shared some *favorite finds* from around the web. so, here are some things that are starred in my reader right now.


{the destructive root of bitterness} @ faithful devotions
i hold a mean grudge. this was a good read for me. i starred it so i'd force myself to read it multiple times. i've also printed it for future reference. 

***digital scrapbooking***

{easy summer scrapbooking, day 2} @ write.click.scrapbook
this post includes 3 free downloads for digital templates (.psd files). i like that they are basic so they make a good starting point and then you can build from there. sometimes the super intricate templates are overwhelming for this novice!

***paper scrapbooking***

{look back week} @ write.click.scrapblook (by stacy julian)
the link is the first of a five-day series where the focus is to look back on what you've accomplished as a scrapbooker. i haven't actually done this yet (it was posted almost 2 months ago), but i think it's a fantastic idea and i'm going to leave it starred in my reader until i actually do it!


{jen mohler on playing in the backyard} guest post @ stacy julian
i love the idea of having all sorts of backyard goodies in one place! i have already taken an empty tub that we had in the garage and started collecting items. it's the perfect solution!


{i'm gonna miss this} @ mckmama
this is a really good read for anyone that's a parent. it's long, but worth it. good thoughts on truly enjoying your children & being with them, not just being around them.


{free photobook} @ southern savers
this post includes a code to get a free photobook (value up to $39.99) by picaboo. you have to pay shipping of $8.99. the deal is good until the end of the month so you still have about a week!

{write club} @ marta writes
last year, marta did 10 weeks of writing prompts for what she called the "write club". i just discovered these and i'm excited to work them into my (almost) daily journaling exercises! the link above is to the first one, which was posted on 2.23.09 and they run through july 09.

***paper crafting***

{back to school teacher gifts} @ 30-minute martha
with spencer being in middle school, teacher gifts are going to be a bit more difficult (four main teachers, plus plenty of electives!). i love this idea because it's inexpensive & easy, but also cute & personal. i can see me doing something like this for teacher appreciation or around christmas.


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