inspired {report card}

let's review...
almost a month ago, i introduced you to my new favorite blog in this post: inspired to action
the next day, i shared with you my mission statement.
and then the next day, i talked about her concept of morning maximization.

i thought it might be time for an update on how things were going, three weeks after discovering the site.

i was already getting up early on "office mornings" but wanted to do so on "at home" mornings. it is still more difficult to get up early on the mornings i work at home (even though i get to sleep later), but i have been doing better. last week had a few hiccups because of some rough nights with coleman. it doesn't help that his wake-up time tends to vary. my *goal* should be 6 a.m. which is an hour later than office mornings and pretty much should guarantee me atleast 30 minutes of time. weekends, my goal is 6:30.

i was already reading the Bible and journaling. i wanted to add planning and exercising. the planning piece - no problem for this type-a girl (more detail on that in a minute). exercising?? ugh. i did ok at first. sadly, last week...7 days...NO exercise. my goal is only 10 minutes a day!!! why so hard????

for the planning portion, i shared with you this daily card i created (based on kat's @ inspired to action). i used it. it was ok. i didn't love it. i decided it would work much better for me if it covered a week at a time, rather than just a day.

so, i created this (pardon the horrible photo). two of these fit on a standard piece of paper for printing. and the individual week fits right inside my notebook. i've only used this for one week, but so far i'm loving it. this includes all of the same information as the daily cards, but for a full week. i left room for 10 things "to do" for the week and i like having the somewhat bigger week-long list better. i also like how, at the end of the week, i can see how i've done...what went well, where did i struggle.

report card: so how did i do last week???
  • i completed seven of ten items on my to-do list
  • i read the Bible and blogged every day
  • i did not exercise at all and i only worked on photo editing and took photos twice.
  • i did much better with my water intake, hitting my goal or getting close 4 days
  • i did (focused) prayer, journaled and cleaned almost every day.
  • we ate what was pre-planned every night except saturday, where we decided to go with the relaxed option of ordering pizza.
  • i kept to my blog topics almost every day (but fully expect some variation each week in this, as many of blog topics are time-relative things that just come up).
there ya have. not complete success. but definitely not complete failure. a good start.

in addition to the inspired blog, there is a blog that is now hosting a month-long challenge to maximize your mornings based on kat's blog & e-book. last week (week 1) was just to get out of bed. which i did! check out the challenge at so i married a mennonite.

will you join in on the challenge?
don't forget kat offers several great free downloads on inspired to action.



  1. Ok...so I am thinking about this challenge. I am a little worried though...I already get up at 4:20- not sure how well I will rock 4:00, but I am willing to try! I just need the motivation.
    Ok..on to the exercise. I am REALLY wanting to take a class, but don't want to do it alone. Let's talk. :)

  2. thanks for stopping by! this looks like a good challenge for me. i am checking this out right now!

  3. Awesome job keeping up on this for three weeks... okay you fell behind with the exercising, uughh! Who really wants to exercise? Well I'm sure some folk out there want to; I want to, but do I really desire to... No! So accountability is a plus in helping me do so, but it would be great to have someone to exercise with. Praying we can jump over this hurdle & complete this journey well! Thanks for your encouraging words on my MYM update!
    Hugs, HL

  4. You created a form.

    Clearly we are kindred spirits. (Anne of Green Gables reference...)

    You rock, Holly!

  5. I think I'm liking your weekly form. The wheels are turning in my brain as I type. I need to add some schedule stuff to it too though. Don't want to forget to pick up the boy from marching band practice!