this week {8.23 to 8.29}

~ i dropped off a bag of clothes at the consignment store and did some shopping for coleman ~

~ i grocery shopped at harris teeter ~

~ i helped spencer reorganize his school binder ~

~ coleman and i played in the yard: slide, bubbles, balls ~

~ i shopped at rite aid ~

~ coleman turned 18 months old ~

~ the four of us ate supper at the white horse ~

~ i set up a delicious account ~

~ i took spencer to baseball practice; matt & coleman met us there with supper from five guys which we ate on a picnic table. spencer played with his friends. coleman enjoyed the playground. then i took coleman home while matt stayed with spencer for the 2nd practice ~

~ i submitted a guest post idea to another blog ~

~ i mailed a thank you note and donation to the local volunteer fire department on behalf of the HOA ~

~ i posted some HOA photos on facebook ~

~ i printed extra address pages for my home management binder ~

~ i scanned a business card and added it to the HOA website ~

~ i emailed a scrapbook store owner about getting back some layouts i had done for them a long time ago ~

~ matt and i attended a high school football fundraising lunch to hear steve spurrier speak ~

~ spencer, coleman and i went to a high school football pep rally downtown with sherry ~
this is my nephew "painted up"

~ spencer, coleman and i went out to eat with sherry, chip & teddy ~

~ coleman and i spent a large portion of the day at the ballfield with spencer for his tournament. ~

~ i watched a high school football game on espn ~

~ i took a bubble bath ~

~ we received our invitation to xander's baptism in the mail ~

~ i finished reading james patterson's the 8th confession ~

~ i hurt my wrist. ~

~ i compiled and ordered a photobook for spencer ~

~ i watched she's the one, an old Jennifer Aniston movie. i wasn't that impressed. ~

~ i watched made of honor with Patrick Dempsey. super cute. highly recommend. ~

~ i watched the wish list with Jennifer Esposito. also super cute and highly recommend. my favorite of the three (probably because the female lead is a type-a personality that makes me look like an unorganized spaz!).

~ coleman and i hung out in the yard with neighbors ~

~ i washed all of the fall clothes i've been collecting for coleman ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $133; saved = $112 (46%)
ytd savings = $3,175 (41%)
spent for family of 3.5 (4wk average) = $96 (ytd avg) = $133


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