music monday {my life would suck without you}

i've been a kelly clarkson fan since day 1 on american idol. the girl can sing. i really enjoyed her first few albums and most of her music since. however, this song has become one of my favorites. when i heard it, it immediately reminded me of my relationship with matt. now, now...before you get all worked up, don't take that too literally. matt and i aren't on the verge of breaking up nor have we recently broken up and gotten back together! sometimes i just think that matt and i have a kind of weird relationship and some of the lyrics capture that perfectly:
i know that i've got issues
but you're pretty messed up too
either way, i found out i'm nothing without you...

...being with you is so dysfunctional
i really shouldn't miss you
but i can't let you go...

...because we belong together now
forever united here somehow
you got a piece of me
and honestly my life would suck without you.
c'mon...you gotta admit that's funny. anyway, it's been my ringtone for matt for a while now. love it :)


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  1. I love music too! My life would be sooo boring without it.