tiny tip tuesday {bottle brush}

before having a baby, i never owned a bottle brush. why would i? well, coleman hasn't had a bottle in a long while, but you will still find a bottle brush at my sink. why? because it's the best little kitchen gadget ever! ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it's very handy. it is incredibly helpful in cleaning anything of a tall & skinny nature, such as wine or champagne glasses, pilsner-style glasses, certain vases, pitchers, etc. they are super cheap and very helpful. i recommend getting the kind that is similar to the style pictured above. some styles are less flexible.


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  1. awesome tip! and I totally agree!!! my bottle brush is my fave kitchen tool! :o) I use it for EVERYTHING!!! we have gone through quite a few brushes since we've actually "needed" a bottle brush! LOL!