{coleman @ 18 months}

100728 Playing in yard 07 - Coleman

i honestly can not believe that he is 18 months old today. a year and a half old. halfway through his second year of life. sometimes i struggle to remember what it was like before he joined our family. and that's ok. here is a snapshot of our pride and joy. today.

18 months old.

100725 Coleman patting Spencer's head in car
~ yup, he still idolizes his big bubba ~

100814 Goofy Spencer 02
~ and he thinks bubba is the funniest person around. ever. ~

~ his jibber jabber sounds more like full sentences (even though it doesn't quite sound like english) ~

100726 Xander's Visit 01 - Coleman in Xander's chair
~ he gets a little jealous if one of us pays too much attention to another child, but has done surprisingly well when xander visits. ~
in the photo above, he is staking his claim on xander's seat (which used to be his...i guess he remembers!)

~ he loves to feed himself with a fork or spoon. he gets pretty annoyed if you won't let him. it's messy, but he loves it. he can occupy himself with a spoon and yogurt for a good long while. ~

100728 Playing in yard 01 - Coleman on slide
~ he loves to slide ~

100808 Picnic at Fewell Park 40
~ and he loves to swing...and just to be outdoors ~

~ he is obsessed with remote controls and anything that looks like a phone. he will take things and put them up to his head like he's "talking" but he puts them kind of high up...not near his ear. it's hilarious. ~

100730 Coleman having a meltdown
~ he can pitch one heck of a temper tantrum. and he works on improving his skills frequently. somtimes they are pretty out of control. he does not like the word "no". ~

~ he loves to mimic us. one of his favorites right now is combing or brushing his hair. ~

100731 Coleman painting 03
~ he is a budding artist ~

~ he can point to his nose on demand. when you ask him other body parts (like eyes, mouth), he still points to his nose and is very proud of himself for doing so. ~

100731 Coleman eating ribs 05
~ he loves meat. really loves meat. ~

~ when i put lotion on in the mornings, he likes to get a little bit and put it on his legs too...even if he has pants on...on top of the pants. it's pretty funny. ~

100802 Group Time at daycare
~ he thoroughly enjoys daycare and loves a.j. ~

~ he loves to climb up and down the stairs on his own (with supervision of course) ~
100807 Coleman & Giada 09
~ he hasn't quite figured out that this is his future bride and he shouldn't react this way around her!!! ~

~ if you carry him up or down the stairs, he likes to run his hand along the banister ~

100807 Boys in the Yard 07
~ he enjoys playing with the neighbor boys but hasn't quite mastered the art of sharing yet. sometimes when we go outdoors, he automatically heads next door, expecting a playmate to be waiting on him. ~

~ he has learned to shake his head yes and no ~

100807 Coleman in bath 03
~ he absolutely loves bathtime. no matter how tired or cranky he is, he enjoys it. i like that his day always ends on a positive note. his favorite activity is to put his small frog and duck toys in and out of the big plastic cup. ~

~ he still loves music. one of his favorite (non-country) songs right now is eminem & rhianna's duet ~

100808 Picnic at Fewell Park 05
~ he enjoys mcdonalds. a lot. ~

~ his favorite word is juice (regardless of what is actually in the sippy cup) ~

100812 Sick Coleman 02
~ poor little guy ran a fever for five days. he was very, very mellow. ~

~ when carrie underwood's "undo it" video comes on, he sings along by going "uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh".


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  1. I CAN'T believe Coleman is already 18 months old!!! Where does the time go? And yes.... Giada and Coleman are destined to be together. He will learn to deal with it. :) :)