inspired {report card}

i am still on the path from inspired to action and working the challenges presented weekly at so i married a menonite. this week started off strong, but came to quick halt when coleman got sick wednesday night and stayed that way the remainder of the week.

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let's start with seeing how i did with my own weekly plan:
  • i completed 7 out of 10 items on my to-do list
  • i did not exercise at all
  • i cleaned daily and read the Bible every day except one
  • i had quiet time for prayer only four times, and journaled twice
  • i missed two days of blogging
  • i took photos and worked on the editing process four days each
considering four days were devoted almost solely to caring for a sick child, i think i did pretty well. hoping for a healthy and productive week ahead.

the week 2 challenge over at so, i married a mennonite:
  • select morning worship music - i worked on this a little at the end of the week and finished up today. i don't actually listen to christian music, though i don't know why. so, i dug into my past to find some music that was familiar to me (i began with amy grant and michael w. smith)
  • create or select a Bible study plan - i have been working on the plan set forth in the journey and continue to work through that (which should have me reading the entire Bible in about a year)
  • create or print a prayer calendar - i have been using kat's free download calendars to pray for my husband and children. i created a daily prayer schedule for other people and aspects of my life.
  • be quiet and listen - i need to work on this! it was a bit difficult to do this with coleman being sick much of the week (most of my "quiet time" was with him in my lap).
you can find week three's challenge here



  1. Wow! It looks like you did a great job even though you did have a little one that was sick. Thanks so much for stopping over and sharing thoughts on dealing with the "working outside the house mom" stuff. It seems that there tend to be more sahm's blogging and commenting. This morning was my first 4am morning and I ended up having a lot of extra time. Of course I didn't straighten my hair so that saved a lot of time, but I'm thinking that I may be able to shave some time off and stay in bed until at least 4:30. *keeping fingers crossed* As for music, try listening to Klove online. You may find some artists that you really like. I loved that you were digging into old Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. I've done the same thing because I listen to more country than Christian. I did learn that Amy Grant has a brand new cd out that has some great music on it. You might check that out too. Hoping your little man is feeling much better so mommy can have some quiet time!

  2. Wow, that's so impressive how much you got done even with a sick child! Hope he feels better soon, and let us know what music you find. That's a challenge for me, too.

  3. Way to go - I didn't have anybody sick or any extra work, and I still failed miserably this week. Try just taking a short walk each morning (w/ kids in tow if necessary) to get a bit of exercise in - nothing too intense! :)

  4. Great job getting so much done all while being a nurse to your poor little one!

  5. Thanks for sharing your progress! I hope everyone is feeling better this week!

    m :)