mini album {beach vacation 10}

you may remember that i created a digital mini album of last year's beach vacation. i really liked the concept of a mini album for the trip (because i usually end up with a lot of photos), but i wanted to take a different approach this year.

my goal with this project was to create a mini album before my vacation that would allow me to document the trip while i was actually on vacation. i chose to do it in 4"x6" because i wanted to be able to print photos in that size, glue them back-to-back, punch some holes and just add them directly to the album.

i prepped the album by printing a variety of digital elements in the 4x6 size (all were free downloads). i used summer themed items or journaling elements. i glued them back-to-back, punched holes and added binder rings. the only creative effort that went into prepping the album was to make the covers look cute (which i did on chipboard for extra studiness).

after we got home, i edited my photos and chose which ones i wanted to print. i ordered about 35-40 photos and added them just as i had planned, cropping only a few. i added journaling and then raided my stash of summer embellishments and added random things throughout.

does it sound like i missed reporting a step??? well, i took the album with me on vacation. and a bag of goodies. and did nothing with it. so, even though i enjoyed this type of album, i doubt i'll waste my time thinking i'd actually work on it while i'm away next time!

one of my goals was to incorporate a lot of extra memorialbilia type things (similar in concept to ali edwards' daily december album project). that didn't work as planned. we don't go many places on our beach trip (except the pool and beach), so there wasn't much to collect. the few places we did go, i forgot to grab something. i did save some receipts which are in an envelope at the end. and i had matt save the scorecard from putt-putt.

once the album was full, i tied a bunch of ribbon scraps around the binder rings and it was all done. i love that it's only a few weeks after our trip and it's already scrapbooked.  i never do that!!!



  1. Such an amazing little album, Holly! I love it! The colors are so fun... and I love all the little additions!

  2. That is SOO cute! You did a wonderful job on it.. I don't know that I would ever be that organized or prepared. Although I strive to be and it always seems to be just beyond my reach! :)
    Nice job.
    I think I want to be you when I grow up :)