{teenage walls}

i saw this post at scrapbook lady, which was inspired by this post at ohdeedoh. i thought it'd be fun to share here what i had on my walls as a teenager.

in my "tween" years (which was not  a word back then), i was all about the new kids on the block. late elementary and early middle school, my walls were covered with all sort of celebrity photos from magazines like "teen beat". my parents were very tolerant.

but, by the time i was in high school, i was over all of that. i was into three main things.



and basketball.
my favorite team was the Chicago Bulls (but seriously, back then, who didn't love them???)

and despite how much i loved michael jordan, i had a serious soft spot for little guy...bj armstrong

kind of a random combination, huh?

so...what did YOU have your teenage walls?



  1. Wolves...that's intresting. I didn't see that one coming. :) I was thoroughly into NKOTB as well. Good times, good times! In my later teenage years I had a serious Christian Slater thing. I even had one of those big stand up movie things from video stores in my room of one of his movies. I begged the place and they finally let me have it. That wasn't actually on my wall, but it was pretty close. My Christian Slater obsession was right up there with my Brad Pitt passion. I must have seen Legends of the Fall 150 times! Ah...the memories!

  2. umm...yeah! the wolves thing was a little random. but i was pretty obsessed. guess i just thought they were pretty. i even did the whole "adopt a wolf" thing...funny stuff.
    it's also weird that i liked basketball so much b/c now i don't care for it at all and much prefer football (as you know).