this week {7.26 to 8.1}

~ i finished reading the book of esther ~

~ i sat out on the neighbor's porch and chatted for a few minutes ~

~ scott, cameron & xander came over to hang out; tara & warren joined us as well ~

~ i started brainstorming some party ideas for coleman's second birthday and a possible "un-birthday" party for spencer ~

~ matt taught spencer how to make sweet tea ~

~ spencer did a good job of working on his summer project ~

~ matt, spencer & coleman went to visit matt's parents ~

~ i downloaded iTunes 9 and the newest software for the iPhone (good improvements). i cleaned up my existing apps and got some new ones ~

~ matt went out for a drink with a neighbor ~

~ spencer and i hung out in the yard while coleman played ~

~ rio and cooper got sick. but they are fine now. ~

~ i unsubscribed to a TON of e-mails that i get ~

~ i made returns to old navy and wal-mart ~

~ i got a free burger and fries at steak n' shake ~

~ we got accomodation information for the out-of-town baseball tournament in october ~

~ i revamped the "daily card" into a "weekly card" ~

~ i printed a list of journaling prompts from here ~

~ matt took the boys to fewell park ~

~ after watching burn notice, spencer tried to kidnap me using a gun made from legos ~

~ i sorted through the boys' outgrown fall/winter clothes, bagged them up and dropped them off at the consignment store ~

~ coleman went back to daycare after two weeks away ~

~ i had soft serve ice cream from the ice cream truck ~

~ i worked on the hoa newsletter ~

~ i watched episodes of prison break ~

~ coleman painted with watercolors ~

~ coleman played while i drank coffee on the front porch ~

~ coleman played in the yard with colton ~

~ i grocery shopped at harris teeter ~

~ coleman and i went to aunt sherry's to celebrate chip's birthday ~

~ i finished up the photo process for 2 weeks worth of photos ~

~ i cleaned up my scrapbook room (a little bit) ~

~ i watched the Top 100 Videos on CMT ~

~ i watched paycheck with ben affleck and uma thurmond ~
i wasn't very impressed. not sure i'd recommend it.

~ i watched management with jennifer aniston ~
this was ok. kind of a quirky/weird romantic comedy.

~ i clipped coupons ~

~ i typed up all of the journaling cards for the photo album of coleman's birthday party ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $158; saved = $91 (36%)
ytd savings = $2,828 (41%)
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $138


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