music monday {the college years}

a few months ago, i did a post about music that reminded me of my high school days. so, today i thought i would do something similar from my college years (1996 to 2000, if you are wondering). despite how much i love country music now, i kind of rebelled against it in college. you will notice a distinct lack of it listed below (though i did still love and appreciate garth brooks and saw him in concert while i was in college...will always be one of the best live shows i've ever seen).

Barenaked Ladies
i went through a serious phase and owned several of their CDs. one of my favorite songs was life in a nutshell.

i think i was introduced to them by a guy that i dated sophomore or junior year. this was part of my "alternative" phase. one of my favorites...

Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera
this song was so much fun (still is). i remember dancing to this with my friend melissa at longbranch at 1:00 a.m. after the karoake switched over to dance music.

Cravin' Melon
this is a local band that most folks probably have never heard of. their most (locally) "famous" song is called sweet tea. i saw them perform a few times at local bars at the time. this video is from their reunion a few years ago. it's the perfect southern anthem.

Tubthumper - Chumbawumba
no cute story. just a fun song that reminds me of college.

The Freshman - Verve Pipe
i don't know any other songs by this band, but this song came out when i was...wait for it...a freshman! so, of course i loved it. a group of us went up to charlotte one night to see them play.

Ricky Martin + Enrique Iglesias + Marc Anthony
thanks to ricky's smash hit (livin' la vida loca), music with a spanish flair was very popular towards the end of my college career. i loved his ale, ale, ale! when i started dating matt, it turned out he liked this stuff too!

Swing Music
you may remember that swing music had a comeback around this time. i was all over that! i loved it! and one year (junior year, i believe), our greek week theme was "jump, jive and wail". our school even offered free swing lessons (that i couldn't take because i worked at night). and my sorority also did a rush song in the same swing theme. i'm telling you, it was everywhere for a while.

Mambo No. 5 - Lou Vega
c'mon...who can't love this song???? it's fun & cheesy. lots of late night dancing here too!

so there you have it...my college years, the musical summary.
what music did you love in college???


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  1. okay so at the end of this post you ask... what music did *you* love in college?! haha... can I just copy and paste your post. not surprising, I listened to everything you did... minus the local band! and I prob have a mixed cd somewhere with ALL of those songs! my college years were 95-99 so not so surprising that I, too liked all those songs... and I ALSO rebelled against country music in college until my senior year.