music monday {hallelujah}

ok, you know how there are some songs that are just everywhere? this is one of those.

and, you know how there are some songs that move you every time you hear them? this is one of those.

i absolutely love and adore this song. i have no idea where or when i first heard it. but it seems like it is everywhere now (which is fine by me). a coworker and i have had many discussions about this song and we think it became "mainstream" in the US when it was in the Shrek movie. we were so obsessed with it, i had to look it up on wikipedia to read the history of the song. if you're interested also, go here.

so, let's start with the shrek version (by rufus wainwright)

one day i was at a neighbor's house and they introduced me to this version, which is done by some folks that are somehow connected with the "Idol" show(s) in another country.

and, as is the case with any good song, it's been covered on american idol (a lot). the first, that i recall, was jason castro.

and more recently, Season 9 winner...Lee DeWyze

i probably could've included several other arrangements, but i think FOUR is enough for now.
for the record, i just watched the lee dewyze performance again and STILL got chill bumps (despite that i have this on my iphone and listen to it frequently).

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  1. How perfect is this post?! LOL! Kaylie & I just finished watching Shrek and have been singing this song since! haha. :o) Thanks for sharing all the other versions!