Back to Blogging {Day Five}

this week, i'm participating in the Back 2 Blogging Challenge being organized by the SITS Blog and Community. each day, there is a post prompt and today's challenge (the last one) is to write about what blogging means to you.

i think about blogging a lot. but i don't think i've spent much time thinking about what it means to me or why i bother or what makes it worth my time. so, i definitely feel this is a good, reflective exercise.

four and a half years ago, i started this blog (as you may have read on monday). i basically wanted a place to share photos, scrapbooking layouts, and ramble when i felt like it. my enthuasism for blogging and my commitment to posting has varied greatly, particularly throughout the first couple of years. however, this year, my blog has creeped its way up my priority list and is a much more significant part of my life. though i would never put blogging before my family, it is important to me and is one of the things that gets scratched from my to-do list before many other things (maybe because it's more fun than laundry???).

so, why do i blog?
  • i like to write. and sometimes i like to ramble. i'm horrible at keeping consistent journals, despite how much i like to write. for whatever reason, i can blog consistently (possibly because there is an audience).
  • i like to share photos and life updates with people i know "in real life". my family and friends can easily see what i've been up to by checking in here every now and then.
  • i enjoy showing my creative projects with folks that actually enjoy them. whether it's paper or digital, scrapbook layouts or home decor projects...i can show all of these things to the males in my home and they do a decent job at pretending to care. it's nice to know that here, i have a slightly more enthusiastic audience.
  • i enjoy "meeting" new people through my blog and participating in the community of bloggers.
  • i get excited to share nifty things - whether it is something cool i found to buy online, or a super fun project to make, or an inspiring article. i have found awesome things at other blogs, and i want to be able to share things with others as well.
  • i love, love, love projects, assignments, classes, tutorials, etc. for whatever reason these things are much more prevelant in my world now that i am blogger (and read other blogs).
things that are not reasons why i blog:
  • to make money: yes, it'd be awesome to do that one day, but i don't have the time, nor resources to commit to that, at this point.
  • to become famous: obviously. just thought it'd be fun to say :)
  • for validation: i'm not looking for your pity or your praise. all i want is genuine, friendly interaction.


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  1. I am super glad you blog because I really like reading your blog. (Hey, I used blog as a verb and noun in one sentence. :)
    Happy Weekend friend!