celebrate monday {9.6}

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The idea is simple. Strip away the extras for a small moment to center yourself on what is most important in your process. Find the photo, tell the story...
i know it's not monday, but i love this concept so i didn't want to miss it for the week!

yogurt has been a favorite treat of coleman's for a long while. once he started wanting to feed himself with a fork or spoon, it became even more of a "go to" snack or dessert. it easily sticks to the utensil so he can actually get some in his mouth...of course, he gets it elsewhere as well. at one point, we showed him how to squeeze the bottom of the cup to more easily reach the end of the yogurt with his spoon. it didn't take long for him to figure out he can squeeze the cup and just shove it into his mouth. but at least eating is fun! sometimes i wonder if he actually eats any of it, or just ends up wearing it!


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  1. I love this picture! He is having a great time!