first post {flickr}

a post by katie the scrapbook lady inspired me to take a look at the first thing i ever posted to my flickr account. i remember that my relationship with the oddly spelled photo sharing site began slowly. eventually i made the leap to paid services and i have never regretted it. i love the site for many reasons and use it as my "off site" photo backup and a means of sharing photos with friends and family.

so, it turns out that my first post to flickr was on august 27, 2007. and it was this cutie shot of cooper.

it was a full month later before i posted anything else. i have no idea why. but i shared 27 photos at that point.

i added no photos to my account in october of 2007, only 26 in november and a whopping 88 in december. in 2010, i've averaged 400 photos uploads per month.

my flickr account can be viewed here


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