this evening, i thought i'd just walk through some random, unrelated things that i want to share.

gamecocks: college football season started last night and carolina pulled off a fantastic win, beating southern mississippi 41-13. our quaterback, garcia, finally seems to have his act together and we are hoping it's a sign of a strong season. another highlight was lattimore - an impressive freshman tailback. go cocks!!!

baseball: spencer has chosen to resign from his travel baseball team (the "season" is year-long, going through november). he thoroughly enjoyed the spring, but unfortunately things turned sour with his coach recently. we allowed him to make the decision on his own and agreed to be supportive. as of wednesday, he chose to put this chapter behind him (and, for the record, all four of his parents are glad he made that decision). the good news is that he has started fall rec ball and absolutely loves it. he thinks his coach walks on water and it has renewed his passion for the sport - hallelujah!

photobook: picaboo had a free photobook offer for the month of august. i waited until the last minute to order mine because i couldn't decide what photos to use. i finally decided to do one highlighting spencer's time with his travel ball season, as a birthday gift for him. i chose to do this before we knew he was going to resign, but i'm still glad i did it. he did thoroughly enjoy most of his time with the team and i want him to remember the good times, and not just the sour ending. the photobook arrived very quickly! it has a retail value of $39.99 and i only paid $8.99 for shipping. it's hard cover, full-color. for the small amount i paid, i thought it was a good book. however, if i had paid almost $50 for it, i wouldn't have been pleased with the quality. i've ordered many photobooks from many companies and i feel like the page quality here wasn't fantastic.

rite aid: today i went to rite aid for some fantastic deals but was disappointed that the store was out of almost all of the freebie or cheapie items. very disappointing. i got some diapers at a good price, but not at my preferred price. phooey.

ok, lots of randomness there... excited to be kicking off a long, holiday weekend!


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  1. hi holly -

    just wanted to stop by + say that i saw your comment on my 'writing courageously' guest post on marta's blog. i was so happy to hear that it resounded with you and i loved how you related it with your scrapbooking.