music monday {zac brown band}

i  have been a fan of the zac brown band ever since they first entered the mainstream country scene, singing about how they like their chicken fried. i fell a little deeper when they did a crossroads episode with jimmy buffett. they just released their second album you get what you give and i was pleasantly surprised to see that (as of yesterday) it was the #1 downloaded album on iTunes (not just country, but of any album).

i downloaded their newest single, which has been all over cmt lately. it's a duet with alan jackson and i absolutely love it.

but while i was there, i saw that there was another zbb duet listed in the rankings...one with jimmy buffett...whut??? how could i not know this existed (it wasn't on their crossroads). so, i downloaded it without even listening to it (i mean seriously...how was it going to be bad???). i listened to it for the first time this morning on the way to work, and of course, it's great! take a gander... i'm pretty sure i'm going to just give in and download the whole album.

since we're talking about music, what did everyone think of the season premiere of glee??? i thought it was good, but not the best. i enjoyed some of the more current music (i'm a big fan of the billionaire song), but there wasn't anything that was moving into the ranks of my top ten. i thoroughly enjoyed the musical throwdown in the girls' bathroom between rachel and sunshine. i'm really looking forward to the britney/brittany episode tomorrow night. i think it's going to be awesome.


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  1. Ok- so I decided to start watching Glee simply because of your love of the show :) I did enjoy it but was not "uber" impressed. However, I am interested in seeing the double B show tomorrow. Could be interesting. :) I hope ou had a good day!