musings {joy comes in the morning}

if you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that sometimes i need a little *pick me up* and i use this my corner of the web to accomplish that (like this post back in april). today is one of those days. i'm actually feeling better now than i was this morning when i first decided to do this post, but i still think its therapeutic.

yesterday, i had a discussion with my boss that is most likely going to lead to a very hard *career versus family* decision. i was an absolute mess last night and this morning didn't look much better. as i said...feeling a little better this afternoon (after a chat with a co-worker). so, with the weight of this decision on me, i have focused all day on things in my life for which i'm feeling lucky & blessed. i was happy to run across this on a blog this morning:
“Weeping may endure for a night,
but joy comes in the morning”
(Psalms 30:5).
so...with that in mind...here is the "joy"
  • thankful that God made me get behind on reading certain blogs so that the scripture above showed up this morning when i needed it.
  • coleman was in a good, cute mood this morning (granted, this made the decision thing worse, but makes you smile anyway!).
  • spencer is really enjoying his fall season of rec baseball and i'm so happy that he's found the passion for the game again.
  • fantastic ankle boots. loving that i'm slowly breaking out the fall footwear. loving that they are nine west and only cost me $15. loving that they remind me of a pair i had in high school and loved. loving that they are comfy.
  • so appreciative of my husband who tolerated my blubbering last night and has been gentle and reassuring with my fragile emotional state.
  • excited about my mom, sister, niece and brother-in-law coming into town. celebrating my nephew's 18th birthday.
  • pumped about the britney/brittany episode of glee next week.
  • amused that our friend is coming over tonight for a few cold ones because my husband thinks i should drink my sorrows away (sarcastically, of course).
  • anxious, but excited, about the usc/auburn football game.
  • totally excited that the gamecocks are currently ranked 12th in the country and this is their third consecutive week of being nationally ranked.
  • having spencer's room makeover 99% complete.
  • that i have a super coworker that can make my mood better.
thank you chronicle readers for serving as my own personal therapists...much appreciated.


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  1. Cassidy :)8:13 PM

    Hey dear friend! I certainly understand the career vs. family thing. I am suffering with that currently as well... along with MANY other things. I will pray for you and you can pray for me... peace of mind is a great thing to pray for. Love ya' girl!