Back to Blogging {Day Two}

this week, i'm participating in the Back 2 Blogging Challenge being organized by the SITS Blog and Community. each day, there is a post prompt and today's is to re-upload a post you wish more people had read and explain why it's important to you.

i began scanning blog posts from my first year of blogging. very few folks read it back then (for a long while, i didn't even tell my family i had a blog). when i got to this post, i knew this was the one i wanted to re-post.
Library Ramblings originally posted four years ago on 9.13.2006

I love libraries. There is something magical about being surrounded by all of those words and thoughts and information. I hate being rushed in a library. I like to take my time. I go in prepared with a list of “books to read” (an Excel spreadsheet I keep updated and print before a library visit). First I spend a while on the “card catalog” computer, looking for books on my list. I make note of ones that are available and where to find them. I made additional note of ones I’d like to put on hold. I take my time, heading to each section where I might find one of my treasures. This is usually the sections for paperback, fiction, large print fiction and North Carolina fiction. On occasion I will browse the books on CD to see what’s available that might strike my fancy. After carefully making my selections, I head to the checkout counter where the friendly employees will check out my books and place several options on hold for me.

The library I frequent most is the one in the town where I work. I prefer this location for a variety of reasons. It is convenient to my office, being only a few minutes away. My lunch hour is the perfect amount of time to go through the above-mentioned steps. It goes without saying that such a quiet and peaceful place is a perfect retreat in the middle of a hectic workday. This library also allows one additional week of checkout time than my local library, which isn’t even convenient to my house.

In this particular library which I frequent, there is an older portion that was the existing library prior to the recent expansion. The “North Carolina Fiction” books are kept here and I often find Nicholas Sparks and Patricia Cornwell novels gracing the shelves. This is my favorite section to visit. It’s incredibly isolated and quiet. The carpet of the new building changes to hardwood floors at the entry, always startling me with the sharp click of my high heels. The lighting is dim and the scent of antique book pages overcomes you as you enter. I rarely linger in a library long enough to actually read while I’m there, but if I were to, this would most definitely be my location of choice.

six years later, i still love libraries (and assume i always will). i also love book stores. however, i think one reason this post jumped out at me was because i no longer visit the library on a regular basis. i have somehow stockpiled a stack of books here at home that i can't possibly keep up with...making the trips to the library unnecessary. but, after re-reading this post, i am feeling inspired to go spend some time there - necessary or not.


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  1. I love libraries too! But, you know, I moved to a new state back in October (has it really been almost a year!?!) and I haven't even gotten a library card in my new town! Thanks for the inspiration to do just that!

    (Also, thanks for the blog comment!) :-D

  2. We love libraries too! We go every Saturday and just started a book blog this year with our book reviews. My husband never used to go before we got married but frequented bookstores and bought books instead. Now he checks out titles on Amazon and if he things he'll like it, gets it from the library. Here is a link to our post about libraries:

    Stopping by from SITS.